No Pre-registration action for Social login

I just created a pre-registration action to catch users who try to register but haven’t had their emails whitelisted to use our product. This works for email/password registrations, but I noticed it doesn’t trigger for Social registrations via auth0 such as Google.

Is there a flag you can add to my account/tenant that will allow pre-registration actions to trigger for Social?

If not, any advice? I want to immediately give non-whitelisted emails a message that they need to email us to get a demo or buy the product, before any social account is created/associated with our product via oauth. Being allowed to “register” but not having access puts the user and us in a confusing situation, and the clearest solution is to nip it before registration completes.


Hi @michael.wise , welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Unfortunately, the pre-registration action does not work for Social Connections. This is because it is only when the user returns back from Authenticating with the social provider that auth0 knows who this user is. The blocking of the user is the only solution offered at the moment.
We have further guidance on this FAQ post,Remove social sign ups from universal login but still allow logins. please take a look for more information.

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Hi Nathan, I’m very glad to finally understand the difficulty/limitation on Auth0’s end. Thanks!

The social logins are very convenient for new customers, so we’ll try to find a proper UX for keeping them.


No worries @michael.wise we’re here for you!

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