Auth0 Actions not working with federated logins


So I’m trying to use Google to sign in then I want to run Auth0 Actions on pre-user registration to restrict the domain of users that might be trying to authenticate via Google.

I’m not able to get actions to run at all on any point of the runtime.

I had my function body as simple as

api.access.deny("DENY ALL")

and even that wasn’t working. I double checked multiple times to see whether the latest version of this action was performed. Every time I ran through the login flow it ended up creating a new user, no problem, so there is no way the pre-registration action was being performed.

Hello @shayaun welcome to the community!

Unfortunately, only a Post Login Action will work with a federated user/social connection as discussed in the following post:

Hope this helps!

Is the work to support Pre Login Actions with federated user/social connection scheduled or is that on a longer roadmap ?

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