Last Login for users under User management showing NEVER

After Sending invite to the user from user management.
the invited user is asked to only verify its email he is not able to login his account.
and the already loged in users last login is not visible under user management section.

Hi @abhishek.kshirsagar,

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If the user is unable to login to their account, their latest login value should still be 0 if they have never logged in before. Judging from your screenshot, that seems to be the case.

Could you please clarify how you sent the user an invite? And how was the user created?


Hi @rueben.tiow

The user was created using the following flow: User Management → Users → Create User. During the creation process, the connection type dropdown only offers one option: “Username-Password Authentication,” as shown in the screenshot below.

However, after the invitation process, the user receives an invitation from Auth0, but the link provided in the email is for email verification rather than prompting the user to create an account.

Hi @abhishek.kshirsagar,

Thanks for the reply.

Ahh, it seems like you created the user on their behalf rather than the user signing up on your app. For clarification, you did not send an invite to a user. But instead, you were only creating the user.

When this is done, the verification email is sent to the email address of the account you created. Additionally, the user cannot log in because they do not know their passwords since you made it for them.

To officially send the user an invitation, you will need to repurpose a password reset email template as an invitation email.

I recommend referring to our Send Email Invitations for Application Signup documentation, which will guide you on accomplishing this.


Not able to setup invitation flow for my account.
Can you please provide me the assistance?

Hi @abhishek.kshirsagar,

Sure! Could you share more about what parts you are struggling with setting up?

Have you had the chance to check out the doc below?

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