Email Invitation - Confusing documentation

The documentation in the article above is somewhat misleading. It talks about two different approach without never clearly delineating what said approaches are, not evident where the first stops and the second one begins.

The issue I have with the solution outlined in the article is that it says one of the way to do it is to create the user but have the email_verified set to false, when you create the user in the Auth UI it sends a verification email to the user but since they don’t have yet the password it seems sort of backwards. To avoid that email you would have to set email_verified to true but then the documentation stops making sense to me…

It seems like inviting users is a pretty important flow and it seems crazy to me that there is no clear, well defined path on how to achieve that on Auth0.

Hi @youreka ,

The doc mentioned creating a user via this endpoint with email_verified:false is just to explain how to create a user via the management API.

Here is my understanding of the two approaches for implementing user invitations to an application.

  1. Customize the “change password” email template and call the Send an email address verification email endpoint. In the endpoint, specify the application’s client_id.
    ref: Customize Email Handling

  2. Create a password change ticket via password-change endpoint. In this endpoint, specify the application’s client_id
    ref: Send Email Invitations for Application Signup

Hope this could answer your concerns.

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