Is US4 Down? Extra words

I’m missing two of my tenants, both on US4 to my knowledge. The Status Page says that it is up, however it said that for over 30 minutes last time there was an outage so I don’t trust it.

It’s been down on and off for me too for the last hour.

Hey all, see this post (thanks @michael.abrahamson).

Unfortunately this issue is still ongoing despite it being marked as resolved here: Degradation of performance for the Dashboard for impacted environments • Auth0 Status Page

I’m not sure if others are still affected but as of right now I still cannot see the tenants that are on US4.

Hi @michael.abrahamson,

Are you still seeing this issue?

Resolved this morning, thank you

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Great, thanks for the update. I’ll mark this thread resolved, but please reach out if you see other related issues.

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