Is it possible to obtain a Statement of Applicability (SOA) At the point after signing up for a Free Plan?

We tried to sign up for a paid plan as an enterprise use.
But, due to our company’s legal relationship, we have found that Statement of Applicability (SOA) for ISO 27001/27018 is required prior to signing up for a paid plan.

In the normal flow of Auth0, SOA can be obtained after signing a paid plan (after signing an NDA).

However, is it possible to obtain SOA after signing up for a Free plan?

We contacted Auth0 officials(Japan Branch) about this issue and they responded that they would like us to consult with the Community.

we would be appreciate if you could answer.

I confess this goes a bit beyond the realm where I could personally be more useful as this is a non-technical issue. In the interest of trying to help you progress with this can you confirm if when you say that you’re looking to subscribe to a paid plan do you mean an enterprise subscription (Pricing - Auth0) or one of the essentials or professional subscriptions that can be acquired directly in the web site?

Thank you for your concern.
we are going to subscribe “B2B ESSEINTIALS”.

I confess I’m not sure if your situation would be eligible from the perspective of signing an NDA even though you only have a tenant with a free subscription. As in, although this is mostly my personal opinion it could be easier to get the SOA if it’s possible to sign the NDA at a stage where you actually have not yet acquired a specific subscription.

If you haven’t done so already you can consider using the trial time of your free tenant subscription to reach out through support center as a trial tenant should be eligible for that I believe. The reason being that the topic at hand seems it could benefit from non-public support.