Clarification on cross app SSO

We are currently on the free Auth0 plan and are assessing the plans to decide which one we want to move to. One of the main reasons we anticipated needing to upgrade to the professional tier was because it included cross app SSO (which is a requirement for our team).

My question is: On our free tenant, cross app SSO appears to work without needing the professional plan, we have 8 configured applications and we have tested across the different applications to verify SSO works (with a single DB Connection and not social auth). Is this expected because the tenant we are testing on is marked as a development tenant? I’m trying to understand why we would need the professional plan when cross app sso seems to be working on the free tier?

Hi @knipfer - welcome to the Auth community!

In terms of the Cross App SSO - we do not have a hard limit on this on our Auth0 Dashboard which is why you can use the feature; however you will be considered non compliant in terms of your license if you use this feature for an extended period without upgrading to the relevant subscription.

If you intend to use this feature please select the correct plan to remain within compliance.

Thank you!


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