Is it possible to get technical support without an Enterprise plan?

Dear Auth0,

Again I need to to touch on using Auth0 and once I again I think its a great product with a definite need and a good level of support for technologies, but the lack of support is so disappointing. There is a lot of documentation, but its not 100% clear or complete.
Companies keep saying, “Tell us what we don’t do well” well this is it. Its Technical/Developer support. Most software companies I deal with I gauge on the level of technical support and help, but Auth0 fails miserably. I really like the product and really want everything to be good, I have contributed to the forums over time after I have fought for the info with a lot of waiting, but can’t see why response on the forum can’t be better. Even the paid technical support is 2 business days unless you have an Enterprise account.

I have 1 developer account, and when I create a ticket, there is no option for “technical support”?

I would be happy to pay per incident if thats the only actual support I can get, or even for Auth0 ambassadors some consultancy to get answer in a reasonable amount of time…if this is the only way to get some help from anyone? But I really feel Auth0 should so more in this area.

I have implemented many “roll your own” or .Net built in security and really want to use this service more, however the support barrier is huge.

I can only feed back what I can so someone responsible listens and reviews this situation, and sincerely hope something can be done about this.

Can you clarify what do you mean by there is no option for "technical support"?. Are you able to create tickets? If so then that is the same as getting technical support.

Sure, when I click on Open Ticket…

In the select list:
What can we help you with? (*)
the options are:

  • Auth0 Service Issue
  • Billing, Payments, or Account Issues
  • Auth0 Service Feedback
  • Security, Privacy or Legal Issues

There is no option for technical support, the above indicates that the email will go to someone who is not technical support? I doest look the same as technical support and doesn’t really feel like you’re offering technical support?

All of those still go to our technical support team first. Based on the category you choose it is handed off to appropriate team. If you have technical issue please select Auth0 Service Issue

Thanks for clarifying that. However. I am sorry to say that your priority of ensuring the ability to create a ticket is available is just undermining my message and appeal you the company, Auth0’s concern should be bigger than this I am afraid.

@brightertools appreciate the feedback as always; from my understanding in the ticketed support front it seems the support center options could be more clear to signal that service issue is meant to include general technical support.

However, I would personally be interested to discuss the situation on these forums; we’re doing some changes and want to take further actions to increase both internal (Auth0 staff) and external participation. This is still in a preliminary phase, but would you be open to have a chat about your experience with forums in the next weeks or so?

Hi, sure happy to chat about my experiences and provide any feedback where possible.

Thanks, I have sent you an email to the email address associated with your account with scheduling information.