iOS Binary Rejected - Your app requires users to input their Apple ID after using Sign in with Apple

My binary was recently rejected with Apple complaining that a user needs to provide their Apple ID. They provided a screenshot of what in my opinion exactly is the sign in with apple screen (even of their own domain

I am using the standard sign in with apple configuration with Auth0 (Sign In with Apple works in my develop, staging, and production configurations just fine).

Actually I don’t know how you can use Sign In with Apple without an Apple ID…

Could this really just be a mistake on Apple’s side? (Or just an unclear reason… it seems they are a bit famous for that)

Wondering if anyone in the community has encountered such a rejection before and has any pointers.

Hey there!

It’s the first time I hear about such problem with Sign in With Apple. Can you share directly their full response on that?

Hi Konrad,

Sure, here it is:

Sep 30, 2020 at 4:37 AM
From Apple
Guideline 5.1.1 - Legal - Privacy - Data Collection and Storage

We noticed that your app requires users to register with personal information that is not directly relevant to your app’s core functionality. Specifically, the following fields or actions are required but do not appear to be directly relevant to your app’s core functionality:

  • Your app requires users to input their Apple ID after using Sign in with Apple.

Next Steps

To resolve this issue, please either remove all required fields that are not relevant to the app or make those fields optional. Information requested during registration must be relevant to the features the app provides.

Please see attached screenshot for details.

I notice they say ‘after signing into apple’ but that’s not true, the only apple ID form field i show is the one that Auth0 provides.

What I do notice is that the standard Auth0 service doesn’t seem to provide the user with the option to hide their email. Perhaps that’s an issue and Apple just incorrectly labeled the problem? No idea.