iOS Binary Rejected - Due to blank page on Apple signin

We have an Ionic Angular application - that uses Auth0 for verification. Our App has been rejected multiple times now due to the error below the Apple signing page just don’t load and stays blank during the review.

We are unable to replicate the problem on our test devices, however, Apple’s testers are getting the problem all the time, does anyone know or have an idea how to resolve this with Apple?

Is there any information with

Good day reviewer

Thank you for your testing and feedback.
We’ve tested the sign in with Apple on the following devices and it works as expected. Please see attached screen recording.

  • Device type: iPhone and iPad

  • OS version: iOS 15.0

Please also see our previous feedback on the matter since we have not changed the login flow and this was approved in the previous submission.

Kind regards

Hey there!

To be honest it’s a tough situation to debug as for you it’s working and for Apple reviewers it’s not. But let’s start somewhere. Can you share with us what stack of ours have you used for the implementation? The most effective way of handling that would be to raise that in appropriate GitHub repo as an issue so we can work on that directly with the stack maintainers.

Hi there, we have used the ionic/angular implementation for this. However, the blank page is in Safari when the app redirects to the login page. Any insights would help. Thanks :slight_smile:


Can you share a link to the repo / doc / quickstart you’ve used in your implementation?

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