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Try Sign In with Apple in Your Auth0 Apps Today

Integrated support for Sign In with Apple is now available in Auth0 as a beta feature. Read about it in our blog article here!


If you need to support Sign In with Apple as an identity provider, Auth0 offers this as a beta feature now!

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I checked it as a checkbox in the settings, made sure it is selected for one of our mobile applications (this is a paid account). However the option does not show up as an option for universal login in our iOS.

All I still see is Google Login as an option.

And seems like logo doesn’t change to one selected for application as well, we just get standard Auth0 logo up top.

Hi @Engineer! Have you followed the steps outlined in the blog post? You will need to configure the integration with your client ID, client secret signing key, etc.

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Now that ios13 is right around the corner, are there any updates to the blog post? I’ve been able to implement the sign in into our app, and this post (User name and email missing in Sign In With Apple Response) says not to expect the username and email.

However, I am getting the user’s email. When I choose to hide my email address while signing up, I don’t get a name returned, but when I use my email address, I get the email address returned as the name as well. Is this what I should expect?

Hey there @chiaberry!

Let me reach out to the article author to find it out!

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Unfortunately didn’t manage to get any news yet, but as soon as I have something, will get back to you!