Went live with Apple dev keys

Hi all,

I have accidentally gone live with the Auth0 developer keys on my sign in with apple. Some of my users have opted to hide their email and have a ‘@privaterelay.appleid.com’ domain. Will all these users lose the ability to sign into their account once i change it to my keys?

Any help would be much appreciated

Hi @pete.maher2,

I’ll have to look into this one. Are you planning on not allowing the anonymous logins?

Thanks for the reply,

I’m not sure you can disable it on apple’s end if that’s what you mean. In auth0 we are using Google, Apple, Facebook & Email/Password.

It look like you also created a support ticket on this issue and we are investigating this in two places :sweat_smile:. I’ll let our support team handle it and post an update here for future users.

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