Is it possible to change Sign in with Apple client id and retain user accounts?


I am using Sign in with Apple for web-based authentication. I’ve set up the connection a while ago using something similar to this guide.

Now, I need to move to a new developer account on the Apple side, but I would like all my users to keep their ids, so they can keep access to their data. I’ve repeated the steps for the new org and created a new App ID, Service ID, and a new key. I’ve reconfigured my Auth0 Apple connection to use the new data and it works.

The problem is that Sign in with Apple seems to treat this connection like a brand new app now. The users are prompted to choose whether they want to share their email, like the first time they logged into my website. They mostly choose not to and login with a new random email generated by Apple. Auth0 treats them like new users with new user_id and therefore they can not access their data anymore.

I’ve also tried moving without changing the Client ID, but Apple will still treat this connection as new. I suspect is has something to do with the new Team ID that I have to provide to the Auth0 app.

I would be grateful if somebody showed me a way out of this :slight_smile:


Hi @egorf,

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I noticed you also created a support ticket for this request. I’ll update here when they come to a resolution.


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Hey Dan,

Is there any news on this issue?

Hi @egorf,

It appears our support team is still working on the issue. Thanks for your patience!