Change Sign in with Apple client id and retain user accounts?

my question is the same as this post

It has a marked answer that does not provide an answer. All it says is "It appears our support team is still working on the issue. Thanks for your patience!”.

I have not changed anything in my Auth0 Apple Social connection, continuing to use the existing key, key id, and team id and yet when an existing user logs in they receive a new sub id from Apple, causing my system to create a new user account. So, I doubt changing the key, id, and team is going to fix anything at all.

So, do I need to open a support ticket to resolve this issue or what?

Surely there must be an easy fix for this as Apple Apps are transferred all the time.

Thanks for any help, this is rather urgent,

I believe I better understand the issue here now. This is important so I’m posting it for those transferring an App Store app and using Auth0. Here are the posts I found, unfortunately after I completed the app transfer. Essentially, after the transfer is initiated a script must be written to create user transfer codes for all authenticated users. This is an Apple thing.