An error occurs in Sign In with Apple on my web app

Hi and thanks in advance for any help.

Currently, an error occurs in [Sign In with Apple] on my web application,
Neither my server nor Auth0 show any logs, and I’m having trouble figuring out the cause.
The details are as follows.

  1. Screen MyApp side: sign in
  2. Screen Apple side: “Use your Apple ID to sign in to Auth0.”
    Sign in with Apple ID**************
  3. Screen Apple side: Sign in
  4. Screen Apple side: Two-Factor Authentication
  5. Screen Apple side: "Do you want to continue using Auth0 with Apple ID ''? "
    Sign in with Apple ID
  6. Screen Auth0 side: error message

Looks like something went wrong!
There could be a misconfiguration in the system or a service outage. We track these errors automatically, but if the problem persists feel free to contact us with this tracking id: *************.
Please try again.

・Settings on the Auth side

 Auth0 > Dashboard > Authentication > Social > Social Connections > apple > Settings

         Name: Apple
         Client ID : com.********.webapp
         Client Secret Signing Key : **********
         Apple Team ID : ********
         Key ID : ********
         Attributes: Name (checked), Email address (checked)

         Sync user profile attributes at each login: enabled

・Settings on the Apple side

 App ID: created
             Sign In with Apple

 Service ID: created
         NAME : Sign in with Apple
                 Primary App ID : set
                 Website URLs
                     Domains and Subdomains
                         {Auth0 Tenant Name}
                     Return URLs
                         https://{Auth0 Tenant Name}

 Key: created
     Enable Services:
         NAME : Sign in with Apple
         CONFIGURATION : {TeamID}********.{ProjectName}
         Configure Key
             Primary App ID : set

・I can also log in with Twitter or Google.

I would appreciate it if someone could help me.

Thank you.

Hi @furu

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Sometime the error page you are referencing has some additional information in a drop down.

Additionally, you should be able to see the error message by looking at the failed request in developer tools.

Finally, if you aren’t able to see the error, you can send me a HAR in a DM and I’d be happy to take a look. let me know!

Hi @dan.woda
Thank you for your reply!

I thought maybe it was because I wasn’t using a “custom domain”.

On the other matter, it became necessary to delay this response, so I think I will try this again later.

If doesn’t work with “custom domain”, I’ll send you the HAR file, so please help me out.

Thank you!

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Sounds good. Let me know!

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