Invite a new member to my tenant

Hey, guys! I was searching about how to invite a new member to my dashbord (it need to be all grants (like my grants) to implement auth-0 in our code).

I have invited a collegue to my team, but, it can’t see my dashboard.

When i go to add a new member, i recieve follow message:
“Heads up!
Tenant Members can only be added through [Teams.]”

I already invited for team (and it was accepted), but, can’t see my dashboard as me.

To sum up: What i need to do to share my dashboard with other users? in the future i need to share this dashboard with other members of team.

Hey there @pedrolucasfsouza ,

I found this guidance most likely relevant for your use case - Tenant Member Management

I can see there options to allow the invited team member to see selected tenants with the selected roles assigned :slight_smile:

Please don’t forget to Turn on Tenant Member Management as explained in the linked doc.

Does this work for you?

It works, thank you soo much.

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