Unable to add Tenant Members


  • We have a B2B Essentials plan.
  • We have a single tenant, with a single admin (the person that created the account).


  • We want to invite other users to admin the tenant.
  • Our dashboard enables us to invite other users to the team (it’s indicated we can only add Tenant Members via Teams), but we have no way to add the team members to the tenant.

Looking at the documentation mentioned in this topic didn’t help, because we don’t have the option to enable “Tenant Member Management” documented here.

Our Team settings page only has “Team information”, nothing else. And there’s no option to add a member to a tenant anywhere, contrary to what’s visible in the documentation.

Thanks in advance for your help!

  • On our dashboard, it’s indicated we can only add tenant members via Teams.

Hi @romain-carbonfact

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Can you share screenshots of what your admin sees when trying to add the tenant member.


Hi @dawid.matuszczyk , thanks!

Settings/Tenant members

No option to add a member:

Teams > Settings

No option to setup Tenant Member management as documented here:


@dawid.matuszczyk any update on this?

Thanks for your help :pray: