Tenant Member Added Through Teams Cannot be Edited on Tenant Dashboard

Problem statement

When adding a tenant member through teams and then adding them to a tenant, in some cases, other tenant admins may not be able to view or edit this new tenant dashboard member.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a tenant member in the Teams dashboard.
  2. The invite is sent via the Teams dashboard, but at this point, they’re not an admin of any tenant just yet.
  3. After the user accepts the invite on the Teams dashboard and logs on to the Teams dashboard, another team member should be able to add this new user to the tenant via the Teams dashboard.
  4. If the tenant member has not logged into the Auth0 dashboard before or completed the “Complete Your Account” flow, the tenant member does not show up under Settings > Tenant Members.


The new member should log in to the tenant dashboard using the same credentials as they used in the Teams dashboard, and they will be shown the “Complete Your Account” screen.

Completing this flow should allow the admin to view this new tenant member on the tenant members window.