Invalid_request error on mobile with facebook authentication

Hey everybody
I am having an error trying to log in with my website app using auth0, getting the Failed login invalid_request error (You may have pressed the back button, refreshed during login, opened too many login dialogs, or there is some issue with cookies, since we couldn’t find your session. Try logging in again from the application and if the problem persists please contact the administrator).

I am usually login to my app using auth0 and my facebook authentication. Everything was going ok in the last months.

I am having the error only since yesterday (don’t know what changed…).

It works properly

  • with my computer, my tab, or if I go in Secret mode on my android internet or chrome.
  • if I login using a google account

It does not work

  • on my mobile, with chrome or android internet in normal mode, when using the facebook login account

I have tried to delete the cookies and internet browsing data,
I have tried disconnecting from facebook on my mobile (and also disconnecting and reconnecting facebook)
And of course, I have tried to reboot my mobile… (multiple times!)

Don’t know what else to try, any advice ?

UPDATE: I have found that when I unactivate my facebook app on my mobile, the login works. If I activate back the facebook app, it fails again. How can I reset this, it seems that something in my facebook app is preventing a succesful login…

having same problems. Similar issue here (no solution) Unexpected error while logging in using Facebook connection with the "Oops!, something went wrong" message

Still looking for an answer to this…
Customers can’t connect to my site using facebook and android anymore.
I really need help on this Auth0 support please.

This started happening for some users on my website since last Friday (August 16). Basically it doesn’t work on mobile if Facebook is set to open its own URLs, which must be very common. if Chrome is set to open FB URLs the issue doesn’t happen.

it seams to work properly this morning, don’t know if @Auth0 made a change…

Can the rest of you folks also check?

konrad, please, can you tell us if there has been a change on Auth0 side or if this is a fortunate change from facebook that could have solved this ?

Sure let me check that with our Engineering teams!

My testing suggest it’s working again too. But be reassuring to know what’s changed.

As far as I’ve been told nothing has changed.