Facebook login fails

Hello, in the last few hours, all my facebook-login customers are not able to log in using auth0 and are having this error (as seen in my auth0 dashboard)

"error": {
  "message": "(#200) Missing Permissions",
  "oauthError": "invalid_request",
  "type": "request-error"

What could it be ? Is there an issue with facebook logins and auth0 ?


We are having the same issue.
For the same tenant, our google login works fine, only Facebook failed

We are having the same issue with our Facebook login. Any of our users has been able to login for an our ago. Also we checked if there was a problem with the API Graph Facebook and everything is fine, even the redirect uri is whitelisted so that is not the problem.

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Same issue, currently I only use Facebook login, this makes my app useless, any ideas?

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Just chiming in to say this is also happening with my apps. No settings changes, latest php API, error 200 for all facebook logins.

Hey there everyone!

We are aware of the issue and our engineering team is working currently on the fix. Here’s the status page for that:


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The fix has been implemented and we are monitoring the results.


Th outage is resolved. For more information visit the status page.

HI @konrad.sopala unfortunately we are still getting the same error and the status page doesn’t say what was done, it only says resolved. Could you please tell us if we need do make a change in our side for the implemented fix to work.

Gotchya! Please send me a private message with your tenant name so we can investigate that.

Hi konrad,

We are also getting this error still.

Everyone having problems with that still please do send me private messages with your tenant names. Thank you!

If anyone is still experiencing the issue it should be coming back to normal for those few outlier accounts.

Sorry once more for the inconvenience last week. Everything should be back to normal now.