Facebook (#200) Missing Permissions

HI all,

We’ve started getting “(#200) Missing Permissions”, for Facebook logins within the past few hours. This is showing in the A0 logs. Previously seems to have been reported as an A0-side issue previously -https://status.auth0.com/incidents/x3tjpmltk5w5?_ga=2.134431282.232148889.1601521315-266624394.1582670883

Any idea if this is an A0 issue?


Hey @walshy002000, Yes I was able to replicate the error , we have informed our engineering teams, will update once i have more information at hand!

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Hey @walshy002000 , we have status page up for the issue now : http://status.auth0.com/incidents/5nhqj425cvfg

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Thank you for sharing that @sidharth.chaudhary!

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