Facebook logins failing

I saw similar or the same issues in the past, but they were marked as resolved and I couldn’t comment there. I also can’t figure out how to private message @konrad.sopala like he asked people to in a previous thread on this issue.

For the past 3 weeks or so, my users haven’t been able to log in using facebook and I can’t figure out why. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @prkr32, Welcome to the community!

Can you elaborate more on the Facebook issue?
What error are you getting? Any screenshot if you can provide also will help.
I just tested the FB connection on my side and it seems to be working on my side.


Hey sidharth,

thanks for getting back to me. when users try to login via facebook, the site navigates to facebook and then shows this:

I’m not sure how to view what auth0 is registering from that interaction. I see other users posting screenshots from auth0’s code during these instances but I’m not sure how to view that.

Hey @prkr32 your issue is likely caused by the Facebook “Data Use Checkup”, could you follow the below guides and let me know:

We have had similar reports of customers affected by the above.


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Thanks for handling this one @sidharth.chaudhary!

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Awesome, that fixed it! Thanks so much! That would have taken me forever to sort out on my own.


We’ve got you covered!