"Invalid grant types: client_credentials" when setting Grant Types to OTP or Password

I created a new native application but I’m unable to enable the Password and Passwordless OTP Grant Types in Application > Settings > Show Advanced .

I get the a UI error “Invalid grant types: client_credentials” when applying the settings

Changing the app type to SPA and back to Native as suggested here does not work

This workaround also does not work

Any tips?

I found the problem and the solution. This happens when the Client Credentials grants are enabled. So to disable them I had to

  • Switch the app to a Regular Web Application
  • Set the Token Endpoint Authentication Method temporarily to something else than None
  • This allows to uncheck the Client Credentials grants
  • Save and then set again Token Authentication to None and application type to Native

Then I was able to set the Grants to OTP and Password


Glad you’ve found it and thanks for sharing it with the rest of community!