Error! Invalid grant types: client_credentials

I have a native type application and cannot select passwordless OTP as a grant type. I see the following error message

It seems the client application, although not having token endpoint authentication method set to something other than none has the client credentials grant type enabled. This may have been a result of an issue, however, you should be able to address this by one of two approaches. First option, temporarily setting token endpoint authentication to other than none, de-selecting client credentials and revert the token endpoint change. Using the Auth0 Management API to set the grant types, in particular, ensuring that client credentials is not listed (!/Clients/patch_clients_by_id).

Either of the above should allow to get the client application to a consistent state and be able to add passwordless OTP.

Thank you @jmangelo this fixed my issue. In the application properties section I set the application type to “Regular Web Application” and the “Token Endpoint Authentication Method” to a non none value. This allowed me to deselect client credentials and set passwordless OTP. Thanks for your help

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Glad you have it working @mvanlonden!