Grant type '' not allowed for the client

Hi all. I have a problem with Confirm OTP enrollment. It’s says
"error": "unauthorized_client", "error_description": "Grant type '' not allowed for the client.", "error_uri": ""
Also client settings. Any suggestions?

Hi there @heylexey welcome to the community!

What type of application are you working with? I’ve seen this error before when attempting to use a SPA app for example, but the settings look to be from a non-SPA app as Passwordless OTP isn’t an option for a SPA app.

Let us know!

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Hi @tyf. Thank you for your answer.
Type is Regular Web Application

Thanks for confirming!

I just ran through this flow with a test Web Application of mine set to the same settings, but was unable to reproduce. I did this manually following this article.

I’m wondering if the grant_type value itself is to blame - What happens if you set the grant_type to as opposed to

FWIW, I did some research and it seems this error can come up if there is a typo as well. A bit misleading given the error itself is so specific, but worth a shot!

Let us know!