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Hey @chris.witheridge! Great to have you here!

Hey people,

I’m a full stack dev in the SF Bay Area. Started with Java, moved on to Rails, and now I’m using NestJs with nodejs.

I’m here to figure out how to get auth0 working with the latest version of NestJs and Angular. I got Angular integration working, but NestJS integration is another story. (Relatively still new to JS, so I don’t fully understand the blog example’s AuthenticationMiddleware. I got lost after the call to express-jwt, where it seems to have an anonymous function immediately after without a semicolon.Typescript doesn’t like it either.)


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I’m Mike and wouldn’t say I’m a software developer yet, but I play one on TV. I’m working on a project with React and .Net Core. I like both, but would like .Net a lot better if they could ever close some gaps in EF Core :slight_smile:

Still trying to get my head around some Auth0 concepts when you’re working with the management API. Hope to get a little help here.

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Hey @blee and! Welcome to the Auth Community. Hopefully we can help you accomplish your goals!

Hello, I’m Olly. I’m currently a frontend dev but it’s really just to fill the gaps while I work on creating my animated TV character Juan O’Cluck – the half-Mexican, half-Irish time-telling chicken. Y’know, for kids.

Of course, once he inevitably goes global I’ll be throwing this laptop into the sea from the deck of my massive yacht. But in the meantime, I’ll be developing a few SPAs that will need me to know quite a bit more about Auth0 than I currently do. So… here I am.


Hi @ollyskinner!

Welcome to the Auth0 Community. Let me know when you end up getting that yacht!



I’am Guyllaume. Working on a app that is using Auth0.

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Hey @gdoyer!

Glad you got interested in using our stack!

Software Developer…
Been doing this for decades…
Using Auth0 for SSO and complex rules/roles/groups functionality
So far it is very good - just need all of the Core functionality brought up to the level that is n the Extensions to be there this year for the current project.


Hey @Shaun_McGuile welcome to the community!

Hey guys!

I’m learning some new disciplines as I start bridging from being a senior software engineer into architect. Learning about Authentication and experimenting with Auth0 to find best strategies to bridge between SAML and OAuth2.


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Cool to hear that! You’re definitely in the right place :slight_smile: Let us know in the future if you have any questions!

I am the project administrator for the St. John Genealogy and DNA project. I have IT Quality career experience with validating and testing computer systems used in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industry but I am not a developer. I do have very basic skills managing my SQL, PHP, CSS websites and usually learn new skills by doing/watching and trial and error. I enjoy customizing websites and I love learning the developing aspects but my access to developers has diminished since I retired due to medical reasons.

I am trying to build a joomla social network for my project members with single sign on to work with my genealogy website. The goal is to move my ‘cult’ following away from a Facebook group for several reasons.

I have auth0 installed as a component to my joomla site. I don’t know how to configure it. My genealogy database uses Darrin Lythgoes open source web program TNG, the Next Generation Genealogy site building. Darrin informed me login functionality is affected by the following files: login.php, loginlib.php, checklogin.php, and processlogin.php.

TNG Site:
Joomla site: (still configuring and not finished)

TNG Developer:

I could use some guidance or help implementing auth0 on these two programs, Joomla and TNG.

Thank you,

Suzanne St. John

Hey there @stjohngenealogy!

Great to have you here! Would you be able to split your usecase and questions you have into another topic to provide more context as this one is an introduction thread? Thank you!

I’m a solo dev and I’m building a minimalist blogging platform with maps (a la Medium, Wordpress with built-in maps). I’ve never had to deal with user management/login before so I’m still in learning mode. Hope to get up to speed and contribute back.

Hey there @panda!

Welcome to the community! I’m sure with everyone here as well as our docs / quickstarts and repos you’ll get proper hands-on experience on identity and security!

I’m frontend dev Auth0 help me and client avoid headache on security compliance
and want share some story on your blog just fill form on guest author page but didn’t get any


Hey there @krissnawat!

Welcome to community! I just reached out to our person responsible for managing guest authors. He should reach out to you soon!

Hello Everyone. this is Dev. We are in the process of setting up SSO for two independent Business SaaS Applications using Auth0.


Glad to have you here with us @devnxg!