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Introduction thread

I’m a project manager for a web design and branding company. I have no education in coding or tech skills but I have a client who asked me for assistance a notice received by Auth0. My head developer was not able to assist and Auth0 was not as well and suggested I join the community.

I was not able to find the answer in my search but hopefully, if the answer can be provided it will help someone else in the future.

Welcome to the community @Lisa! We look forward to helping you in any way we can!


I’m a software development intern at Superior Industries Inc. I am currently looking at implementing Auth0 for an internal IT management solution. I work with PowerShell for the most part, as well as PHP.

Hello there @mason.schmidgall and welcome to Auth0’s Community! As you build out your IT management solution be sure to share your adventure with us along the way!

I’m an architect currently having fun with a POC for a multi-tenant SaaS product. Seems Auth0 is the perfect way to go :slightly_smiling_face:

Frontend is based on Vaadin 8 / Spring (Boot).

Hey there @kk-stefan!

Welcome to the community!

Why redo something already done well…

…that’s the thought that led me to Auth0 . As a newly developing developer, I enjoy learning new things. I enjoyed learning how to implement my own Authentication solution, but it’s still a challenge to say the least. I decided to give Auth0 a try because it has many features that will take me a lot of time to try to learn and build myself . I am an aspiring fullstack javascript developer who loves React . I stumbled upon this community because

Sabrina Danielle Green

Hey there @SabrinaDanielle!

Great to have you in our community! I’ve edited your post a bit separating the issue content into another topic as it’s an introduction thread. Thank you a lot!

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Hello Auth0 Community,

I have been doing software development for a very long time and have used so many different environments they tend to blend together. I have worked up and down the stack from operating system development and device drivers to large enterprise suites.

I am currently working for a non-profit that will be rolling out a new web app that will be using Laravel and Auth0.

Mary Monahan

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Hey @marylindamonahan, welcome to the Community! Be sure to share more information about your Laravel project as it hits production!

Thank you! @konrad.sopala

We’re here for you @SabrinaDanielle!

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Hi just playing :slight_smile: Adding authentication to a react app I am writing

Welcome to our community Giles!


I am Anshul Chauhan.

I love Python and love making stuff with it.

I am a Jr. Backend Developer. I recently finished my internship and got the job at the same place. I have done smaller projects with Python before.

Right now I am stuck at an issue for a week now. How to protect my API and give access to consumers through token? Any help is highly appreciated.


Hey there @anshulxyz! Great to have you in our community! It seems that @mathiasconradt already reached out! Let’s keep the convo about those obstacles in that thread. Thank you!


I’m a full stack engineer, a current student and team lead at an online code school. I initially came here to find help on the new hooks implementation of Auth0 but haven’t left because I’m liking the community well after my problem was solved. I"m currently working on a blockchain/solidity and graphql app at the moment as that will be my life for the next 2 months (currently using Auth0 on it).

I just like to build stuff and solve problems and watch anime when my brain is fried.

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Woaah! Great to have you in our community @cjbt!

Let us know how your project will go!

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Hi All,

I needed OAuth to build a Google Assistant action (to aid in recording sales, expenses and mileage records via voice, for our clients - we’re accountants) with properly managed logins, and I wanted it securely separated from my code implementation and usable across future services (like a web app, too).

Auth0 was the solution I found. I’m all for Pay to Scale models - if you let me build my thing for free, I’ll stick around once it starts to cost - this was a big factor in choosing Auth0.

If you’re self employed or a small business in the UK, you can try out our chat bot by asking Google Assistant to ‘talk to the bean counter’ - there’s a free trial for 14 days if you’re not already one of our clients :slight_smile:



Hey there @DanWoodward!

Great to have you in the group and stoked to see that you’ve implemented Auth0 into your product!