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Introduction thread

Hey there @sjlyoung58! I’m excited to see your React implementation leveraging Auth0, be sure to let us know if you have any questions we can help with!

I’m working on a education system that needs to integrate with multiple universities. Most use SAML. Auth0 looks like a smooth transition.

Hi @jpd-dds! I’m happy to see you join us!

Hi, I’m Stuart and I’m working on using Auth0 for various web applications.

Hey there @stuart.neal welcome aboard!

Hi, I’m Adam. I have both a solo dev account, and am part of another company that recently signed up for Auth0 Enterprise. I’m trying to teach myself stuff and work through simple examples. I focus on .NET MVC and SQL Server. I have questions about implementing SSO that I’ll research more before posting.

Welcome to the Community @adamoneil! Good luck with your SSO implementation but if you find you have any questions feel free to create a new topic and ask!


I work for an energy management software company; we are building out a new version of our commercial web app and are moving from Azure Active Directory authentication to Auth0. Looking forward to working with everyone aboard the Auth0 ship!

Welcome aboard @mconner! Let us know if you run into any trouble with your app, we are here to help. Good luck!

Hi, I work for a independent software vendor in the financial services industry we are in the process of creating a range of customer facing platforms that support our operations. Planning to use Auth0 to provide a single authentication layer across the ecosystem.

Hey there @james.daniels! Welcome to Auth0’s Community, be sure to let us know if you end up having any questions in a new topic!

Hey everyone,

My name is Yoan and i’m living in switzerland. I’m a professionnal developer, working in a healthcare compagny. I’m actually working on Authentification subjects with OAuth 2.0 and OIDC, so, i’m interested by Auth0.


Hey there @mettany!

Great to have more and more folks implementing security & identity solutions in healthcare!

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I’m Jon. I’m a professional developer. Currently my team is adding SSO capabilities to our platform. My favorite trilogy is Star Wars, of course. I work in the C# and Typescript/Angular world.

Star Wars of course!!! Welcome to the community @jon.marozick!

  • Evaluating SSO solutions for a POC.
  • Full stack Drupal developer. Looking for answers to typical “noobie” questions.
  • LOTR is my favorite trilogy. Count it four to include The Hobbit.

BTW> Is Star Wars a trilogy? Would be a trilogy3 when IX is released if one does not include Solo and Rogue 1.

Welcome to the Community @kwiechma! As long as Disney keeps delivering on quality Star Wars content I’m down to pay for it!

Hi, I work in the .NET ecosystem (C#, Azure, ASP.NET, the works). I started having a problem with the User Import/Export Extension so I came to the community to hopefully get support on that. My favorite movie trilogy is The Lord of the Rings.

Welcome to Community @scout208! I left you a message in regards to your challenge with the User Import/Export extension. The Lord of the Rings is a fantastic trilogy!

Greetings Auth0 Community. Developing in Python & Angular.

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