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Hey peepers,

I’m Coolios by mnane and by nature. I’m here to learn about creating software and have dreamt of doing so for as long as I can remember. I’m looking to use Auth0 for my future projects. (I have some ripper ideas)

Cheers brah’s.

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Hey - I’m Shawn.

I’m a frontend developer who works for a startup that makes custom Alexa & Google Assistant Apps. When not working on web stuff, I’m either looking after a toddler, walking a dog, running, reading, playing video games, or hanging out with the Mrs.


Hey Folks!

Great to have you here!

Stoked that you got interested in using Auth0 for your projects @coolios.

@shawnatxapp it seems like with time we have more and more apps built around VUIs. Would be great if you could also share and contribute your knowledge too!


Hi all, working on a single page app, protected with Auth0!

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Mog here. I’m working on a cloud product and for the first time and had no idea of the complexity behind signing up and signing in! I started looking at Azure B2C which initially seemed promising but the documentation is laughable.


Hey there @mog!

I’ll be happy to talk more about where we potentially failed at our docs about Azure. Please feel free to send me a DM to talk it over!

Thanks a lot!


I mean Microsoft’s documentation on using their own Azure AD B2C is not great. That’s when I started to look for alternatives and found Auth0. The Auth0 documentation is superb from what I have seen so far.

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aaah gotchya! Thanks a lot! Will relay that praise to appropriate team! :slight_smile:

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Hi! I’m a Software Engineer from Argentina. Developing an app in Azure, I will admit I first tried to use Azure AD because well… I was in Azure already… wasted two months… decided to try Auth0 for the first time and had my authentication in place in 1 day.
Sounds like a story stolen from your home page video but it is true :frowning:

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Stoked to hear that!


I’m here to learn about Auth0 and different configurations of integrating WordPress with other applications.

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Welcome to the community @helen! Glad to hear that we have more WordPress people in here!


Hi, I’m Peter a software developer based in the UK.

I have been using a free Auth0 account to play around with and get used to how the service works, and am now looking to use Auth0 in a new cloud based application.

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Welcome to the wolfpack @peter.goffin!

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Hello everyone, my name is Marina and i’m a senior fullstack dev base on Mexico City. I’ve been recently drifting more into a FE specialization and focusing on Vue. I’ve written a few articles about Vue and most recently an introductory series for beginners, which has gotten me interested in actually further poking around the education path of tech.

Great meeting you all and ping me anytime :slight_smile:

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Hey there @marinamosti! Great to have you here!


Hii everyone. I’m Simon. I’m an engineering student and I love embedded systems. I got here checking out how JavaScript may be used with micro controllers.
:thinking:Favourite movie trilogy? I guess it’s The Batman.

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Hey @Simon344! Great to have more hardware guys in here!


Hi I’m Simon

I’m a UK based developer/Tech Architect/agile fan.

Been looking at 0Auth solutions to integrate with a new Reactjs app build, and Auth0 seem to be the most developer friendly offering.

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