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Peter, big respect that you still using cutting edge technologies and still coding!


Hi, everyone. I’m junior web developer, working and studying on the last year. Came here to dive deeper to the Auth0, because using it for my hobby/bachelor’s project.
Big fan of Javascript. Interested in dev ops and security. :slight_smile:

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Hey there @ignasp789!

Cool that you’re using our stack for your uni project.! Do you know the title of it already? :slight_smile:


It’s SpaceSaver, device and platform to manage camera’s content easily. Move to cloud, etc. Considering to make simple landing page for that in the future, it should explain it better :slight_smile:

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Nice! Looking forward to hearing more about it!


Hi, I’m a software developer based in Wellington (New Zealand), primarily working with the .NET platform (including ASP.NET MVC). I’m part of a company that works on software projects for other organisations. Our latest project arose from our client introducing a new software component that uses different infrastructure; this has prompted us to replace the existing login functionality with something that works seamlessly across these multiple components - hence choosing Auth0.


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I lead a small team of iOS and android developers, and we use spring boot for the backend, providing customized solutions for clients. Recently, we’ve had to integrate with a client’s ADFS, hence been googling on various auth related topics.

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Hey there! Welcome on board @ksdwong and @djm-ite!


Hi everyone,

My name is Matías, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am Electronics Engineer, hoping to learn how to use Auth0 to improve security in our APIs.
Happy new year :slight_smile: !


I’m a software engineer working in NY. We are working with a client to replace their own authentication system with auth0 and to create a consumable API for their customers applications.

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Perfect @kathrynb! You’re in the right place. Let community know once you come across any obstacles!


Hi all,
Per from Norway here. We have been using Auth0 for a while, and will now introduce SAML connections for some of our tenants. Might possibly need some help from the community:) I hope to contribute as well.

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Hi everyone,

As of last week, I am completely new to Auth0, authentication, JWT, JWKS, etc. Our company is developing a new application with our backend written in COBOL (my primary language). I’ve learned a whole lot about areas that I didn’t even knew existed two weeks ago, so this community should hopefully help break the ice on some of these new areas.

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Super stoked that we have such people in community who still use languages as COBOL. We don’t have any resources for that but certainly our community is a great place to ask questions and get answers so feel free to make most of it :slight_smile: !!


Hi Everyone,

Totally new to Auth0! I am looking into it’s feasibility for our company any our business partner to integrate a single login between our two applications! Glad to see there is such a great community here! Hope to contribute as much as possible!



Looking forward to trying out Auth0 and troubleshooting issues and learning the key concepts. I’m working on developing APIs/standards for sharing information/data between parties in the sustainable energy, water and sanitation sectors. Thanks!


Hey @washnote and @allan1! Nice to have you in our community :wave:t3:


Hi I’m Julian. I’m a self taught developer, looking to rebuild an api with AuthO authentication as well as interacting with the AuthO community.

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Hey all, I’m Salvatore - I work at a growing startup and wear many hats, but typically spend my time as a front end engineer. We use Auth0 and are starting to add a lot more users and I wanted to make sure that I was able to have as much info as possible! I’m a musician (piano/vox) a snowboarder, and I enjoy home-cooked meals with my lady and our fantastic cat!

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Hey @salvatore and @jparrish62!

For you and everyone else, we highly encourage you to take a look and active part in one of our webinars / meetups in the future. You can find a link to it here:

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