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I am a software developer constantly in search of a new aspect of the industry to learn about (it ain’t hard… things are always changing). I am here helping my new company, a startup, get their back end services running… which of course includes Auth.

In my past I have interacted with everything from VB6, to C# to Apache modules in C, C++ to Python, JavaScript to High Level Shader Language and C for graphics. These days, I am getting comfortable with Go and Kubernetes.



My name is Chima from Nigeria…I am an undergraduate of Computer Engineering, and a prospective Web developer and Programmer. Please I joined this great community to learn cause I really lovw programming… Am just a beginner that knows very little but noting, and would love to get better knowledge from you guys here. Cheers


My name is Jason. I’m a self-taught full-stack developer with 10+ years of experience. My first website was on Geocities(!) and was a portfolio of drawings that I made back in middle school when I thought I wanted to be a comic book artist. Last year, I founded a startup and am using Auth0 for our app’s login.



My name is Leandros and I’m a Dutch software engineer at Fugro NL Land B.V. in the Netherlands. Currently I’m tasked with migrating the IdentityServer3 identity provider for our online data delivery and decision support platform Gaia Insight to Auth0 that’s already used by our colleagues at Fugro Australia Land PTY LTD.

Kind regards,



Hi Everyone!!! :wave:t3:

My name is Konrad :nerd_face: I’m a new Community Engineer here at Auth0 (at your service). Speaking mainly in Swift, Python, Objective-C and recently started learning JavaScript. Been involved in European hackathon scene for a few years now. Love running, travelling and pizza! :pizza:

Looking forward to helping all of you and contributing to making this community as meaningful as possible!

Happy hacking!


Greetings everyone,

My name is Jelani. I work as a software engineer currently implementing Auth0 to migrate customers off of Azure ACS. 6+ years experience as a software engineer working in C#, SQL, typescript, angular, etc… Looking to get some insight.



I am working with a client in Sydney on a variety of application development projects. I have been experimenting with Auth0 for a year or so with a view to using it in some of our web applications - Angular and Python/Flask.

I have implemented a number of prototype sites in the last 12-18 months using using lock v9 and v10. I am now in the process of migrating these to lock v11.


I am Ajay from Kathmandu, Nepal. I have been working as frontend developer for 5 years now and just joined this Community. I love the Batman Trilogy. Favorite sports is Football. I watch Premier League every weekend and a Liverpool FC fan. I like playing chess and FIFA on my free time. I am looking forward to more open source contribution and help community any way possible.


Hi everybody,

I’m Klaus from intive, we’re looking into using Auth0 in our client projects. I’m especially interested how to smoothly integrate Auth0 in native applications (both iOS and Android), and how to connect other backend and middleware systems to it.





I’m looking at using Auth0 for authentication for our app.





I’m a left coast hobbyist using a rails API w a React front end, looking for some simpler Auth solutions for a hobby project I am hoping goes somewhere. Maybe be entertainment, may be a lottery ticket…


Hello everyone!
My name is Aaron, I am a developer at Grownome (
We build agricultural sensors and software for small and medium scale farmers.

My favorite artist is Neil Young



I am a Greek software developer currently supporting a web platform that uses Auth0 for user authentication. Hoping to get some insight from here




I’m a French senior developer (back-end/database) involved in the development of a WebApi/SPA application using Auth0.



Hey everyone! Nice to have you in our community!


I am Full-Stack Developer from Amsterdam and a user of the @auth0/angular2-jwt library.


Hey @wilgert! Nice to e-meet you!


Hello everyone,

For lack of a better description I am an “operations” guy supporting a team of developers building cloud-hosted Django apps using Auth0 for IAM. My background is 20+ years in Unix & Linux systems and LDAP directories. I was one of the early cloud adopters at my place of work and today I support the operations and management of most of our cloud based services such as GCP and Auth0. I’ve written a lot of hackish python (and perl before that) for systems/operations stuff, but I am definitely not a developer.

I’m in the forums quite a bit. You can also find me on LinkedIn, Github (not much to see), Twitter (mostly lurking and following economics stuff), and my hosted blog that is not really worth following / mostly just me playing with Pelican.

Avid reader, player of video games, and rider of motorcycles.



Hi. I first used machine code on a computer in 1963. I am now retired (11 grandchildren) and trying to use Auth0 for the second iteration of my mapping project using OpenLayers and Vue.js. I rely on documentation, and other people, to find out how to do things, so I need the various communities such as this.


Welcome to the community @PeterC66! :wave:t3: