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Hi @cyrille.derche! We’re glad to have you join us!

hello, i’m a newbie in java spring and at this moment i’m playing with authentication and so arrived here at auth0 communty. hello everyone

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@peppeg85 Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Hi everyone,
I am a self-taught web developer just starting out in general, and particularly with auth0.
Wish you all a lot of luck!

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Hey there!

Glad to have you with us here!

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Hi everyone.

My name is Osman Zakir (this is what I want my name changed to officially and is also what everyone calls me, but my legal name is Sami Zakir). I’m a computer science student who learned on’s Introduction to Computer Science course by Harvard. I want to get an internship and a job as a software dev.

The reason I joined this community is because I’m trying to build a library management app for my next project, which I’m implementing as a MERN stack app, and I want to use Auth0 for use authentication; I also wanted to ask how to customize a user’s profile page after they’ve logged so that I can show a list of all the books they currently have checked out but haven’t returned yet, and maybe include a note about any overdue book(s). [I’ll open a new question thread for this, if someone else hasn’t already asked a similar question before, so you guys don’t have to answer this here.]

I like React, TypeScript, Node and Express, but I also like C++ and Python. One of my hopes is for C++ to become more web ready and popular as a backend development language choice.

I look forward to being part of this community and although I can’t promise I’ll be able to contribute much, if anything at all, I’ll try to do what I can. Like if there’s a question I can answer, I’ll do my best to answer it.

Hey there Osman! Welcome on board!

Hi I’m Victor from Nigeria. I do frontend development using React, JavaScript & TypeScript. I look forward to connecting with great minds here


Welcome @Vickstar, happy to have you here! :rocket:

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Hi there, everyone!

I am Sabrina from Amsterdam. I am an accountant, 43 years old at this time and finished a bootcamp full stack developer in June this year (Java, Spring Boot, Git, JavaScript, Ract and HTML and CSS of course).
According to the bootcamp certificate I would now be Junior Full Stack Developer, but I don’t think I can meet that level yet, as I did not practice much of it since then.
I was hoping to maybe get a traineeship after the bootcamp, but as I only wish to work from home I was always at the bottom of the pile of resumes I guess.
So I am now trying to build something I always wanted to make, and therefor I need to connect Exact Online API to Knack.
Only thing is, Exact has Oauth 2.0 with refresh tokens, and that is a bit of a challenge for me at this level, so I hope I can find the right solution here. After I can make the connection, building the rest will be very doable, so anyone that can help me out will be my hero of the year :grin:

For now, I am going to start with searching through existing topics to see if I can already find some answers that I am looking for.
I wish everyone a very good day! :heart_hands:


Welcome @Sabrina.Alivio! I hope you find what you need here :smile:


Hello, everyone!

My name is Tyrell Bain and I am a Junior Software Developer. I graduated in May 2022 with a Bachelor in Computer Science. I have been programming since 2016. My most proficient programming languages include Java, C, C#, JavaScript and TypeScript. I have worked with frameworks such as React and Angular to build web applications.

I have just recently started learning how to implement authentication into web applications. I have heard many great things about Auth0, which is why I have decided to start with this service. I am currently using it to implement authentication into our newest SPA for my job.

Thank you very much. I am excited to further learn about authentication and how to implement the latest and greatest features into future web apps with Auth0.

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Hi @tyrellb,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

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