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Happy to have you here @javier.barbaran! Looking forward to working together!

Hey everyone, just posting my introduction. We are using Auth0 for our login needs on our app and so I’m posting here so I can use the community forum.

Hi @tanner989,

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Thanks! Question, while I have you here. I’m a Basic level community member but can’t seem to post to any topics. Do I need a higher level to do so?

@tanner989 I’ll send you a DM

Hello am Boemo , a technical content blogger. Am here to gain more technical content on the Auth0 Sdk. Much love for Authentication concept explorers.


Welcome in our community @boemommopelwa!

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Hello everyone, I’m Alvin and I’m an Android Developer, and we’re using Auth0 Android SDK in our app. I’m here so that I can post a question, which I can’t seem to do :frowning: Can anyone tell me how to post a new topic?

Hey there @admdizon!

That is weird! Don’t you have a “+ New Topic” blue button at the bottom of the page on the right side?

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Ah it seems to be a trust level issue, I can now see that button. Thanks


No worries! Glad it’s there now!

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Hi all,
I’m Uli, consultant at and absolute auth0 and OAuth newbie.

I’m trying to configure our message brokers with auth0 as auth provider.


Hi @uherbst!

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!