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Hey everyone,

I’m a full-stack developer with a background in biochemistry and anthropology. I became interested in Auth0 after implementing a custom-JWT authentication/authorization method in a MERN app for a project. Scouring any and all JWT documentation resulted in my stumbling across Auth0. I completed Cory House’s React-Auth0 course and loved all of the features and bulletproof security it provided. I am currently a freelance software developer in the Chicago area. JWTs = stallions, enough said

Currently implementing Auth0 in a Rect-Redux MERN app running concurrently via a proxy which is why I’m here


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Hey there @DopamineDriven!

Welcome on board!

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Just saying hello per community etiquette :slight_smile:

Been a customer with Auth0 for a few years now and having run across a few pertinent threads here over time I’ve decided to go ahead and create an account. Thanks.

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Hi folks - I’m Dave and I’m interested in using Auth0 with Elixir / Phoenix for developing software products. Looking forward to learning from you all and contributing where I can.


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Hey there Dave! Glad yo have you in our community!

Hello, I’m here to get help with my Cordova app doing OAuth. Thanks. I already have an account and have Auth0 working with Google, FB, Twitter, Apple and Amazon.

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Welcome aboard @HLR and looking forward to working together on dialing in your Cordova app!

Hello Everyone, I am a fairly new developer (less than a year) and I am currently working as software engineer for a payroll and accounting company. I have wanted to be a developer for over a decade but it took a while to position myself to enter the field. I finally made it! I work primarily with C#, ASP.Net and JS/JQuery at work. On some side projects I want to use Vue.js with an ASP.Net API backend. I am currently trying to learn all I can so I can start to build some really creative and interesting things! Thank you for the warm welcome to your community!

Hey there @bradleyhills! Great to have you in our community!

Hi, I am a fairly new front end developer having a crack at every job that comes my way.
I mostly work with Angular atm.
Studio Ghibli is pretty great.

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Hey there!

Welcome in our community!

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HI Everybody,

New here and happy to join. C#/Cloud specialist here


Hey there!

Glad to have you in our community Kenni!

Hi Everybody,

I’m Dave and I’ve just joined this community after looking at the Electron Packaging tutorial:
Which incidentally did not seem to work for me until I realised it was the lint steps complaining about a block of code I had commented out (it seemed to expect indentation and generated an error). I also noted that there were deprecation warnings relating to BrowserWindow.addDevToolsExtension which slightly misled me initially. Anyway it all works now!

I’m actually mostly a C++/Qt desktop programmer (multiple platforms but mostly visual studio and Xcode most of the time) but also very familiar with nodeJS. I came here while investigating Vue for the first time and researching possibility of creating a cross platform app targeting Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android which will be loosely based on an existing web application. It needs to work both with and without an internet connection and can optionally sync with cloud when online. The application is a logbook with manually entered data.

Hey there!

Welcome in the community @bluespidernav!

Trying some advanced stuff with the Auth0 Management API, and I found a dead-end (undocumented) realm and thought I’d come here.

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Welcome @peteristhegreat!

We are here to help!

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