Introduction thread

Hi all,

I’m Chris. I just finished a nine month part-time bootcamp. We covered javascript, node, express, MySQL, and react. I started the bootcamp for a new career path, and luckily, I am finding that I enjoy coding!

As of right now, I’m building a web application for my final project. I joined the community because I don’t have too much experience with authentication, and I’d like to learn more!

Just got my first Auth flow working with Auth0 on my SPA with express server / APIs.

@konrad.sopala if you were starting out, where would you start to learn more about how all this works?

Hi @devarcher,

Welcome to the Community! Our blogs have a lot of great tutorials to choose from, and the quickstarts are a great way to get up and running fast. If you want to dive deep on identity as a concept then I suggest the Intro to Identity series.

Let us know if you have questions!

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Yep try out our quickstarts and blog posts and then dive into docs!

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Hi. I’m a dev working in the UK. My company have been happily using Auth0 for our authentication needs for the past couple of years. I’m here because I’ve just come across something I want to do through the management API and can’t find a way to do it. Look forward to a new topic being created shortly!

Hi there from France ! :wave: :fr:
I’m a product manager, usually working with Okta but considering giving Auth0 a try. I’m looking forward reading from you guys.


Hey there @garethbrown56!

Welcome to the community!

Hey there @amalik! Glad to have you in our community!

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Hi guys,

I am a full-stack dev from sunny Scotland :wink:

Before that, I was a traveler and adventurer :slight_smile:

My favorite moments are those mystical ones when I think of the meaning to life - why am I here and what to do. I got into coding because I love how ‘on the pulse’ I feel when I work with it, it is very Uranus.

I have been pushing myself with code for about 3 years now. Just landed an amazing job in info-sec. Want to do well with it. Need to make an Angular app oauth2 compliant. Let’s see what happens.


Hey there @godhar welcome to the community!

thanks @konrad.sopala

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G’day! I’m a student and also hoping to develop my own beautiful project using Auth0. If all goes well hopefully I will be able to convince others in any company I work for to use this. My favourite movie trilogy is Sergio Leone’s Dollars Trilogy.


Hey there @Jords!

Great to have you in our community!

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Hello guys,
I’m Marco from Italy. I am a student of computer engineering and I am working part time as developer. I looked into Auth0 from my work and I think It will be interesting even in my personal project. My favourite trilogy is Batman.


Hey there @marco.paggioro! Welcome in our community!

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Hi everyone,

I’m a technical product analyst from France.
Currently exploring Auth0 for possible implementation in our solution.


Hey there @nam.liberty!

Let us know by creating separate topic if you have any questions in the future!

Howdy all!

Mark here based out of KS,

Fairly new to development in the past 2 years and mostly working with reactJS currently but have done plenty of Wordpress, HTML, CSS etc. on frontend webapps. I’m a videogame enthusiast and I dabble in the stock market as well. I’ve joined the community because I’m having trouble finding the documentation I need and hoping someone’s already ran across my problem. I’ll try to check back and stay as active as I can though now that I’m here!


Hey there @Mark.B!

Great to have you in our community!

Hi everyone, I’m Dan. Auth0 looks perfect for my projects so I am here to learn a bit more…


Hey there @d.a.n!

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