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Hey there; I’m David Haymond from Western Washington, USA. I started out programming as a hobby, but I’ve been gradually moving into a software development role at my job. I started in .NET, but I am currently a Javascript/Node web developer, with some PowerShell scripting for good measure. I love Chrome OS, all things Linux, dev tooling, anime, classical music, and symphonic or power metal.

My favorite movie trilogy used to be Toy Story, but now that there’s a Toy Story 4, I’m not sure that answer works anymore. :smiley:

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Hi @david.haymond,

Always good to see more Washingtonians here! Welcome to the Community.

The first three still count as a trilogy, right? I think it’s a valid answer :ok_hand:.

Let us know if we can help with anything.

Greetings all,

I’m a full stack web developer going on two years now in the Boston/Worcester region of MA. Graduated from General Assembly’s software developer intensive bootcamp back in April, '18. My main reason for being here is I’ve been looking for an authentication/authorization platform to replace the rudimentary system I’ve used to date. Auth0 seemed like the easiest to wrap my head around and outstanding documentation so I’m just working my way through the docs, tutorials, etc. to get started using it.

I’m starting with an Angular SPA with an API-only Rails back end but hope to follow it up with a React SPA and Node/Mongo run through as well.



Hey there @Frinkiac-7!

Welcome in the community!

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Hello everyone, I’m Katie and I’m a student in the US and really excited to be here.
I started doing front-end coding using HTML, CSS & JavaScript.
Now, I moved to the back-end where I’m doing C# .NET Core ASP.NET MVC with SQL.
I hope to learn a lot from more experienced developers here.

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Welcome to the Auth0 Community @katnel20! Be sure to let us know if you have any questions as you continue you’re adventure!

Thanks so much James. I came looking to find code for authenticating a REST API.
I’m still finding my way around here. :blush:


We’re here for you @katnel20!

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Hey everyone,

I’m a backend developer from Malaysia and really super excited to be here.

I ended up here in this community due to my need to find authenticate/authorise solutions the users in my platform. As far as I know, Auth0 has everything I need (kudos to Auth0 team)!

Oh, I forgotten to include my favourite movie trilogy. Unfortunately, I am not the movie type of person. I am more of a classical music kinda person!

Hey there!

Welcome to the community @ztchia! Thanks for the kind words!

Hi team,

My name is Wassim Chegham (@manekinekko on Twitter). I love building tools for developers, e.g.,, and and recently

Happy to be part of the Auth0 community :grinning:

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We’re excited to have you here @wassimchegham!

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Thank you @James.Morrison :blush:

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Hello guys,

I am Thalia and I am a Mobile developer… I work on android at the moment! I am trying to increase my skills and become a better programmer!
I am in the process of using Auth0 (jwt) for my android app… so I am here to learn how to use it.


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Welcome @tamar, we are excited to have you here and look forward to assisting in your journey!

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Hi guys! My name is Vlad. I’m a front-end developer at EPAM. Our team uses Auth0 authentication in our current project.


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Hey there @vladm369! Great to hear that! What country are you working from?

Hi @konrad.sopala, thanks, I’m from Ukraine.

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Glad to hear that more people from Europe are intereesting in using Auth0! Let us know by opening another thread if you have any questions!