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Introduction thread

Hello Auth0 community!

My name is Shawn. I have been working as a Java developer for almost 3 years now. I am intrested in Auth0 for a personal web app project I am building using many aspects of the Spring framework and utilizing Auth0 IAM,

Great to have you on board @shawnmroberts24!

Hello there,
I am trying to help my client to set up the free plan account. When I was testing it, I was using my personal cell number for the two factor but I can’t seem to be able to add his number once I removed mine. Can anyone help?


Hey! C# Developer here that is working on migrating an application that is currently using ADB2C to Auth0.

Welcome aboard @wikoenig and @boris-bluetext!

@boris-bluetext we’d be happy to help, please open a new topic on this subject and we can work together on it :slight_smile:

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I’m just coding around and learning new coding skills like Python and HTML, but I mostly focused on JavaScript and NodeJS and recently joined Auth0 because RequestBins used it and just clicked the Auth0 icon. I just checked the home page, I tried the real-life implementation in some apps and also looked at the pricing and features page before I’m signed up.

Hey there @AJHalili06! Great to have you in our community!

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Thanks for welcoming!

If you’ve got any questions or technical hurdles feel free to open a separate topic for them!

Hello everybody! I’m a software developer from Poland, working in IT for 4 years, “recycled” from being a lawyer for several years before.

I’m quite interested in what Auth0 is doing and how it is done. I’m currently testing the products and thus I’ll probably need some support from community :).

I’m one of these people who don’t sacrifice they’re whole life to one hobby, so my interests are quite wide and not related to each other. I like Latin dances, history, astronomy, music (rock / electronic / latin) and travels.

See you around!

Cześć Piotrek! Glad to have more people from Poland in our community! :slight_smile:

Hi there,

My names Willliam Falconer, a full stack dev in the UK.
I’m looking for advice on how to implement Auth0 passwordless as an option using Universal Login and ASP.Net Core.

We have a specific scenario in which we want users to be signed up via passwordless (for a free trial) and have an existing password based approach. We are looking to be able to detect in web api based on some state or parameter that we can add to Auth0 as part of our c# configuration that we have.

any assistance on this would be great.



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Hey there @williamfalconer!

Great to have you in our community! As it’s an introduction thread we do not help on issue here. Please open another topic for the hurdle you face providing us with as much details and info as possible. Context do matter a lot!

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Daniel Friesen here, a full-stack developer (though recently I’ve contemplated whether I should be taking on something like “engineer” or “architect” given the kind of work I do). I build things remotely for a variety of clients, often from scratch on my own. I primarily work with JavaScript and React, but I’m a polyglot and have also built things with various other frameworks and languages.

I’m here because I DMed Auth0Community on twitter wanting to start a discussion on the present and future of securing the long-term logins that apps (PWA and native) use to keep users logged in indefinitely. And they invited me to start the discussion in the Auth0 community here so others may join in.

Welcome aboard @dantman! We’re happy to have you and excited for the discussion!