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I am a senior devloper/ tech lead / manager. I am exploring auth0 as a potential option for our new authentication model so we can use Oauth2.0 to expose an API to a third party.

Mainly Java but quite happy in various other languages and frameworks. Huge fan of docker too. Write once run everywhere!


Glad to hear that! Welcome in our community @anauthuser!

Hello, first, I would like to thank the Auth0 team for the excellent getting started videos. I recently uploaded my first Angular app to GitHub. The project is for my husband’s stamp collection and has my attempt at coding a blog. It is using Auth0 for login and logout. Thank you, Debra

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Wooohooo congrats Debra! Glad to have you in our community!


I’m James, hope everyone is well.

Long term C#'er but the last few months I’ve thrown myself into the js world; specifically React. Loving it so far although my gif game needs some serious work. Here to get up to speed on all things auth.

Welcome to the community @jameslucas!

Starting to play around with Auth0 and looking forward to getting some community support and offering it where I can!

:wave: @sethgoodluck,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Let us know how it goes, we are here to help.


Hi community!

I’m Erlend. Have been working with php/node for years, both as a hobbyist but also as a professional. Today I’m a CTO in a Norwegian company called Motitech - a company that helps elder people and people with dementia to become dedicated athletes with the help of technology ( I’m interested in Auth0 since we’re currently redesigning our architecture for our applications and services.

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Hey there @eeerlend!

Really interesting usecase! Glad to have you in our community!

Thanks @konrad.sopala ! (Sorry for posting wrong link btw. The correct one is - couldn’t edit my post:)

Thanks a lot for that!


I’m a Systems Engineering student and a Developer with already a year of experience working on web and mobile. I’m here to learn from more experienced developers and grow with their acknowledges and expertise. By the way, Kubrick 60’s film: 2001, a space odyssey; is one of my favorite movies ever!

Welcome in the community @AnthonyDugarte!

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Tom .Net developer.

Trying to Use Auth to save me time writing my own auth - going ok… but hit a wall on the basics.

Joined here as i cant see a way to get the roles for a logged in user from the c# winforms snippet


Hey there @tomleeson1971!

Great to have you in our community! Please create another topic to share your struggle!

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