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I am a senior devloper/ tech lead / manager. I am exploring auth0 as a potential option for our new authentication model so we can use Oauth2.0 to expose an API to a third party.

Mainly Java but quite happy in various other languages and frameworks. Huge fan of docker too. Write once run everywhere!


Glad to hear that! Welcome in our community @anauthuser!

Hello, first, I would like to thank the Auth0 team for the excellent getting started videos. I recently uploaded my first Angular app to GitHub. The project is for my husband’s stamp collection and has my attempt at coding a blog. It is using Auth0 for login and logout. Thank you, Debra

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Wooohooo congrats Debra! Glad to have you in our community!


I’m James, hope everyone is well.

Long term C#'er but the last few months I’ve thrown myself into the js world; specifically React. Loving it so far although my gif game needs some serious work. Here to get up to speed on all things auth.

Welcome to the community @jameslucas!

Starting to play around with Auth0 and looking forward to getting some community support and offering it where I can!

:wave: @sethgoodluck,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Let us know how it goes, we are here to help.


Hi community!

I’m Erlend. Have been working with php/node for years, both as a hobbyist but also as a professional. Today I’m a CTO in a Norwegian company called Motitech - a company that helps elder people and people with dementia to become dedicated athletes with the help of technology ( I’m interested in Auth0 since we’re currently redesigning our architecture for our applications and services.

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Hey there @eeerlend!

Really interesting usecase! Glad to have you in our community!

Thanks @konrad.sopala ! (Sorry for posting wrong link btw. The correct one is - couldn’t edit my post:)

Thanks a lot for that!


I’m a Systems Engineering student and a Developer with already a year of experience working on web and mobile. I’m here to learn from more experienced developers and grow with their acknowledges and expertise. By the way, Kubrick 60’s film: 2001, a space odyssey; is one of my favorite movies ever!

Welcome in the community @AnthonyDugarte!

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Tom .Net developer.

Trying to Use Auth to save me time writing my own auth - going ok… but hit a wall on the basics.

Joined here as i cant see a way to get the roles for a logged in user from the c# winforms snippet


Hey there @tomleeson1971!

Great to have you in our community! Please create another topic to share your struggle!

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Hi everyone.

I’m working on a SPA and am the member of my team that was assigned replacing our temporary login solution with Auth0.

I’m here because our transition is mostly complete but one last piece of the puzzle is missing. I almost made it based on existing help and resources but for this last issue I had to create this account.
I’ll create a topic with details and look forward to interacting with everyone here.

Welcome to the Community @Adam-E! We’re happy to help bridge any gap we can to help you further along on your adventure!

Here to be able to login to my Orchard account again :slight_smile:

Hey there @tommi.tuomainen!

Shoot me a private message regarding that.