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Introduction thread

Okay I can take a look.

Hey there @dejan!

For further cases, it’s an introduction thread. If you have any issues please open a separate topic for that. Thank you!

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Thanks for the welcome James!

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Hi there. Just trying out auth0 to speed up my MVP on an idea my wife and I have. Trying to se Aurelia and C# with .NET API on the backend.

Hey there David! Welcome in our community! Feel free to open a new topic if you find any obstacle during development!

Hello everyone. I am a front-end dev primarily using Angular 2+ and am here to better understand and use Auth0 in my own applications and for applications at work. I currently work at Linux Academy as an Angular Developer.

Hey @chris.harris, welcome to the Community!

Let us know if you run into any questions or have any feedback. Thanks for joining us!


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Hi guys!
I´m Maxi, I´m a student and I also work as a php developer.
Thanks for having me here :grinning:

Hey there @Maxi! Glad you’re here with us!

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I am trying to develop an app with AUTHO PHP. When I used a .com in the past it worked out well but now that I am developing locally on a WAMP stack its not going well.

Fatal error: Uncaught Auth0\SDK\Exception\CoreException: Invalid domain in C:\wamp64… src\Auth0.php on line 263

Hi @john8!

Welcome to the Auth0 Community Forum!

This thread is specifically for introduction. In the future, please limit your questions to their relevant/individual threads. Thanks!