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Introduction thread

Okay I can take a look.

Hey there @dejan!

For further cases, it’s an introduction thread. If you have any issues please open a separate topic for that. Thank you!

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Thanks for the welcome James!

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Hi there. Just trying out auth0 to speed up my MVP on an idea my wife and I have. Trying to se Aurelia and C# with .NET API on the backend.

Hey there David! Welcome in our community! Feel free to open a new topic if you find any obstacle during development!

Hello everyone. I am a front-end dev primarily using Angular 2+ and am here to better understand and use Auth0 in my own applications and for applications at work. I currently work at Linux Academy as an Angular Developer.

Hey @chris.harris, welcome to the Community!

Let us know if you run into any questions or have any feedback. Thanks for joining us!


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Hi guys!
I´m Maxi, I´m a student and I also work as a php developer.
Thanks for having me here :grinning:

Hey there @Maxi! Glad you’re here with us!

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I am trying to develop an app with AUTHO PHP. When I used a .com in the past it worked out well but now that I am developing locally on a WAMP stack its not going well.

Fatal error: Uncaught Auth0\SDK\Exception\CoreException: Invalid domain in C:\wamp64… src\Auth0.php on line 263

Hi @john8!

Welcome to the Auth0 Community Forum!

This thread is specifically for introduction. In the future, please limit your questions to their relevant/individual threads. Thanks!



I’m here to chew bubble gum and make sure I’m using Auth0 correctly =P

Dev out of Austin specifically registered to search more easily for info on IDP initiated SSO login with SAML. To me, it’s not worth the trouble, but we have vendors asking for the behavior =\

SP initiated login 4 life!

Great to have you here @sw4d!

I’m here because there is zero documentation on how to disable SSO so I can properly logout on my Cordova app, as even the federated flag does nothing. Hoping I can find someone to help me out.

Welcome @ajmeese7! Let’s work together in a new topic on disabling your SSO for your tenant if that’s the desired effect. I’m looking forward to helping you overcome the challenge :mechanical_arm:

Hi everyone! My name is Jim (and I’ll answer to that or “ifandelse” :slight_smile:). I’m in charge of development for an early age startup and we’re working to move all the auth concerns over to Auth0. Until recently, I ran dev for “LeanKit”, I live in Tennessee and work from home. I’m a big fan of OSS - and have a couple of projects of my own out there - though being a dad of 3 and heavily involved in things outside of work has reduced the kind of time I used to have to contribute (but I consider that a good problem!).

Hey @ifandelse, welcome aboard! We love OSS here too, so be sure to let us know if you have any questions as you venture forth using Auth0 in your Startup!

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Hi. Mike here. Anyone interested in what I’m interested in can visit my blog/web at
I’ve been working with Auth0 for a few months now and liking it. I’ve used Implicit and Auth flows from node.js, AspNet, and SPA/React apps.

My latest project involves integrating an existing app I have developed for Unity, targeting both Android and iOS, with REST/API secured via JWT. I’m interested in finding like-minded Unity developers who would like to team-up on getting a working, open source, multi-platform Auth0 SDK for Unity up and running.

OAuth and OpenID in general lack good Unity implementations. Worrisome that I’ve seen some Unity stuff that uses the MTM Auth flow, using client_secret, that’s completely insecure…

Hey there Mike! Great to have you here! Looking for more Unity devs / solutions with our stack too!