Integrating with Auth0 with quarkus

Hi there, has anyone been able to integrate Auth0 with Quarkus (
I’m struggling with using the openid connector
and wondering if there is a sime guide to follow?

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Hey there!

Unfortunately we don’t have any docs / quickstarts or repos on that.

It would be really great to have some content in this context.

Hey there Christian!

What I would suggest is to provide such feedback to our Product team by providing as much context around your usecase as possible via our product feedback form:

Konrad, how much more info do you need? Two people asked for this support and now I am the third. Please document this.

Hey there!

The best thing I can do here is to advocate for your needs based on how many of you actually request certain feature, but it’s not up to me to eventually implement this but rather appropriate team. Unfortunately there are way more features that are requested that have higher amounts of people requesting it