Auth0 OIDC integration with openstack federated keystone to enable social login

We have an openstack setup, where we have keystone which handles all login and auth, authz requests using user credentials like username and password. We also have support for SAML based login using Okta. But we earlier used Auth0 for our social login in a PoC, and found it very easy to use, which dragged our attention to use Auth0 for keystone login/signup.
So, we are trying to integrate Social login/signup using Auth0 OIDC flow to our federated keystone stack.
In the same we have did few virtual host and keystone stack configuration to support OIDC of Auth0.
For same we have created a Regular web app in our tenant and add a callback URL as our redirect URL to keystone.
But we got stuck on configuring few things like state etc in auth0 authorise URL. And found a doc around same but its almost 8 years old. Can we get/have a latest doc synced with latest auth0 features, that could help us to configure the OIDC parameters and also could we know the way to test it, such that we send the id_token our keystone.
Link for older doc: SSO for Legacy Apps with Auth0, OpenID Connect & Apache