Auth0 OIDC IdP with Social Login connection parameter specified


I’m using connection=CONNECTION_NAME parameter while redirecting from an external IdP to Auth0.

For SAML it works perfectly by going straight to the connection specified login page, however for OIDC + Linkedin Social Login when I specify connection=linkedin it shows Auth0 page with Linkedin button on it instead of redirecting to Linkedin sign-in page.

Is there a way to bypass Auth0 landing page by redirecting user straight to Social Login?


In a quick test, I was not able to reproduce this situation and got immediately redirected to the social identity provider. The quickest way to troubleshoot this situation would be for you to share an HTTP trace (HAR) that includes the full flow of requests until you get to the Auth0 login page.

Hi @jmangelo

thanks again for a quick response.

I promise you it wasn’t working when I was testing it the other day.

Tried today and it all went smooth to the social login page.
I’ll keep an eye on this and if the issue occurs again - I’ll create another thread with the collected HAR.

Thanks again

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