Specify connection in oidc connection


I have two Auth0 tenants (for legacy reasons) and I have this set up:
Tenant 1 (Auth0) – oidc → Tenant 2 (Auth0) —oidc–> External IDP

  • The app provides a connection when calling Tenant 1, no login screen is rendered and the user is implicitly redirected to Tenant 2
  • On Tenant 2 the application that Tenant 1 calls, has only one connection enabled (the one that takes the user to the External IDP), however, the user is prompted for an email address on Tenant 2’s universal login page
  • Is there a way to force Tenant 2 to skip the universal login screen and take the user directly to the external IDP’s login page

Hi there @Gratus-BenchSci!

This should be possible, it depends on how you are making the /authorize call (manually vs. SDK). Please see the following article wherein a couple of options are outlined:

Hope this helps!

Thanks @tyf however in my case I have an additional problem:
It’s app → tenant 1 → tenant 2 → remote idp

From app → tenant 1 I can specify the connection and I can make it go to tenant 2 as expected
tenant 2 is also on Auth0, and I can’t specify the connection when calling tenant 2 from tenant 1.

The link between tenant 1 and tenant 2 is via oidc, I provide a client id and the usually oidc spec, but I cannot specific a connection.

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