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Auth0 Universal Login page redirects unauthenticated user straight to an external OIDC IdP login page


I’m trying to implement an authentication flow where Auth0 Universal Login page automatically redirects the user to an external OIDC IdP for login.

In current flow the user lands on the Auth0 Universal Login page and needs to click on the button to get redirected to OIDC.

Are there any recommendations or known solutions how to implement this?


It is not a standard parameter, but the authorization endpoint accepts a connection parameter that you may be able to use to achieve that requirement. By passing the name of the connection that is associated with the external OIDC IdP the authorization endpoint should redirect to the provider and skip a login page.

Thanks @jmangelo

Would you mind to point me to the documentation on how to use that?

I tried adding extra parameter &connection=name to a SAML endpoint URL but it didn’t seem to work.


For a SAML client application the parameter is documented at (, but there’s not much to it in terms of documentation. It should just be adding the parameter as a query string parameter and providing the name of a connection that is enabled for the application.

If you have an online sample that reproduces the issues or you can share a simplified trace of the requests then it may be possible to further look into what’s going on.

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Thanks @jmangelo this works perfectly,

I’ve figured out eventually that connecton parameter is case sensitive.

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