Auth0 Cognito documentation way out of date

I am looking at the following article

But very little of this lines up with the Cognito interface. This makes setting this up rather…well, impossible.

I have been using Cognito, but find it, as an authorisation / identity application rather limited. However, as a source of identity and access control within AWS, it’s great.

Is there any more recent documentation on how you set this up?


Hey there @coactivechris!

I feel like the docs you linked above are most up to date in this field but I’m super eager to help!

Let me know what questions you have so I can potentially relay it to the person that was responsible for this doc and maybe we’ll be able to guide you in the right way!

Hey, @konrad.sopala,

Thanks for the fast reply. So, if you review your docs, one thing which has changed from what is on the Auth0 documentation is that Auth0 doc refers to ‘clients’, where in fact that terminology on the Auth0 site now appears to be “Applications”. No biggie.

However, one thing which baffles me is now that I have set it all up, and copied down the Identity Pool Id and the ARN of the IAM Role created, there is no mention of what I’m to do with these values. Do I need to store them somewhere on Auth0? Or is that not necessary?

Once I have configured everything, there is no mention of how I enable Auth0 as a provider inside Cognito. I’m assuming this works the same as other identity providers like FB and / or Google, but some final setup instructions on that front would be very helpful.



Thanks a lot @coactivechris! I just reached out to the person who was responsible for that content. Let me get back to you once I have more info on that front!

Cheers, @konrad.sopala.

Yeah, any details on how you wire this up into an app, and wire this up to Cognito itself would be most appreciated.


Chris Smith

Sure! I’ll try to reping the team as I don’t have any more recent news.

Quick status update

Hey @coactivechris! I managed to get some info back from our docs team

In terms of docs on integrations we document our product and that increases the maintenance burden many times over, and lowers the accuracy of our docs anytime something external changes.

This particular document only mentions the word client once, and that’s as part of the ClientID value, the name of which isn’t changing just because we refer to applications in a general sense. The field is labelled that way in the Dashboard and we refer to it the same way it’s labelled.

Steps two and three should be covered by Cognito docs - there’s a line that says you’ll need the ARN when sending credentials to Cognito, and the doc later links you to the Cognito docs to send credentials to Cognito (we’ll checking it just now)

Setting up inside of Cognito is probably intended to be covered by Cognito docs.

Our docs team is still processing your message and feedback so will get back to you once I have any updates!

Let me know if you have any feedback regarding this!

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