Auth-0, Cognito with React - where and how do they merge

I was looking at this article. I got Most of the way through, but then it ends with a Swift example which is not what I need. Has anyone gotten this to work with AWS Cognito? I have literally taken the sample app and not touched the auth section. ANy lead in the right direction or right direction on the React SDK would be a great help.

The article in question:


Were you able to solve this issue? Looking to do something similar

Trying to do same. Let me know if you were succesful.

After obtaining the ID Token from Auth0, how to call the AWS API is mostly an AWS detail, so opening a question in AWS forums might help to get a better answer. Having said this on AWS documentation they have an example of how to make the API call with Javascript. I’m taking that sample below.

AWS.config.credentials = new AWS.CognitoIdentityCredentials({
 IdentityPoolId: 'IDENTITY_POOL_ID',
 Logins: {
    '': token

Thanks for helping with this one Saltuk!

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