Is it possible to integrate Auth0 Lock for web or Auth0 SPA js to Amazon Cognito User Pools?


We have a web application using Amazon Cognito User Pools to manage our customers.
The application made by React and Redux with AWS Amplify SDK
Using several webhook and trigger from Amazon Cognito User Pools.

Expected action

We want to migrate to Auth0, but we have to a lot of replacement before migrate it.
So the first step, we want to replace web application from AWS Amplify SDK to Auth0 web SDKs.
We want to make the following flow, is it possible?

But the docs talk about Cognito Identity Pool, not User Pools.
And the docs do not shows how to call the Cognito from Auth0.
Do you have any documentation about it?
I prefer to use JavaScript / TypeScript.
Kindly regards.

I have exactly the same question and it’s frustrating to have a lack of clear answers in the documentation.