aws-amplify and react-native : problems with User Pools, OpenID Connect

Its possible that we are working with code that doesn’t yet support our intended flow. We worked through the Auth0 and AWS documentation on connecting Auth0 to AWS. The initial authentication with Auth0 works well. But, getting the OpenID Connect to further recognize the user and generate the AWS authorization is where we are having problems.

With the current version, we can’t seem to connect the AWS User Pools/Federated Identities settings for AWS Cognito to be responding correctly.

Does anyone have experience with working code for this type of flow?

references: GitHub - aws-amplify/amplify-js: A declarative JavaScript library for application development using cloud services., Open ID Connect providers (identity pools) - Amazon Cognito, Integrate with Amazon Cognito

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As it has been more than a few months since this topic was opened, and there has been no reply or further information provided as to the existence of the issue, we are closing this topic. Please don’t hesitate to create a new topic if this issue is still present, we would be happy to work with you to help find a resolution.