Log in Cognito users via Auth0


I have an Android app using Auth0 to log in. Works great.

I have a new client who wants to use his Cognito user’s credentials.
Possible to use my already developed Auth0 code to log in with these Cognito users?

I want the user to type his Cognito creds, send those to Auth0 as usual, have the user logged in to Cognito, get back an Auth0 JTW.

Will this work?

Thank you

Hey there!

Don’t have much experience with Cognito myself but maybe you’ll find this doc useful:

Followed these steps. Straightforward.

Steps 5 & 6. Do I do somethinbg with the pool ID & ARN?

Using the client ID as the application I set as the audience in step 2.
Using scope of “openid offline_access”.
Using realmOrConnection as “Username-Password-Authentication” in
AuthenticationAPIClient.login(email, password, realmOrConnection).

Basically the settings I used before.

Get this error: “Grant type ‘http://auth0.com/oauth/grant-type/password-realm’ not allowed for the client.”

Thank you