Increase Limit of 10 Applications for Development Environment Tenant

Problem Statement

After upgrading to an Enterprise subscription, the tenant associated with this contract has received the expected entity limits and features. However, there is also a development tenant that is not associated with this Enterprise subscription, so it still has an entity limit policy of 10 applications.

How can this development tenant be associated with the Enterprise subscription and receive the same limits and features that that tier is entitled to?


The entity limits for Enterprise and Self-Service subscriptions can be found in the Entity Limit Policy

  • For Free tenants, this is limited to 10 applications per tenant.
  • For paid self-service plans, the limit is 100 applications per tenant.

In the case of Enterprise customers only, a request can be made via a Support ticket to associate the Test/Dev tenant with the Enterprise agreement. This will result in that tenant receiving full enterprise entitlements (including adjusted entity limits that apply to Enterprise plans).